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  Jiangsu Boerrui New Energy sightseeing car Co.,Ltd being one train going sightseeing's produces Jiangsu Boerrui new sources of energy the manufacturer, has advanced production facility , the high-effect administration , produces a team, capital Mr. kilometre of senior engineer Li Yong Cheng who engages, be enjoy high-grade State Council subsidy expert, personage being that automobile industry carries weight, main our company product application lieu is the beauty spot touring, equal space of heavy section commerce community , the special field manufacturer who is that the family is very well equipped once , administration is strict , quality is preeminent.
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Located in Xinqiao Town, Danyang, the thriving delta of Zhenjiang City, our company is fifteen km east to Changzhou Airport and faces a premium Yangtze River port in the North, while Huning Expressway and 312 National Highway run across the town. Furthermore, the biggest port in China, Shanghai Port, is only 1.5 hours’ drive from the town, which provides our company with very easy and convenient access in all directions.   

  We are a professional manufacturer of tour mini trains that boasts state-of-the-art facilities, efficient management & production teams. Mr Li Yongcheng,  a senior engineer who enjoys State Council Special Allowance and a big influence in Chinas auto industry, is also a member of our dedicated team. The primary applications of our products include scenic spots, large commercial communities. All these have made us a professional manufacturer with comprehensive facilities, strict management and top quality.

  We believe quality and reputation is what a company stands on, and has always stuck to the mission of Commitment to Perfection & Top Customer Service. We advocate the values of “all values come from quality”. We never stop in terms of improving our product quality, enhancing our credibility and giving full play to the company spirit of “professionalism, excellence and bettering”.

  Management Philosophy: Giving our employees respect, understanding, trust, growing opportunities, more room for their free development as well as more care to make our company a cohesive and home-like workplace for them, with an eye to establishing consistent goals and values for employees and tap the potential of innovativity and creativity of our talented people.Ways of working we demand from employees: Learning, communication and creativity, as learning is the base, communication is the means, while creativity is our goal.

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